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Universal has its roots in the manufacturing of home appliances and it is in this field that we believe we truly excel.

Our high-quality, resilient and uniquely designed products bear testimony to our leading position in this market sector.

Our export markets include the Middle East, the whole of Africa, most of Europe, Australia, the Arab Gulf peninsula and Russia.

Home appliances are and remain an area in which Universal, through the benefit of vast experience, is able to express its passion for perfection. By 2010 we aim to produce a fully-inclusive range of home appliances.

Brand Promise

The corporate strength of a manufacturer is, at its heart, a direct result of the quality of its product performance. At Universal, we recognize that quality is defined by our customers and realized in the production process.

We listen to our customers' requirements and strive to understand them to ensure complete satisfaction.

We constantly test for variances and defects in our products and work to ensure that the sources of these problems are immediately corrected and that no defective product leaves any of our manufacturing centers.

We strive for continuous improvement in every aspect of our business.

We believe that quality is everyone's responsibility and that it cannot be compromised 


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