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BuyMassry is the leading Business-to-Business Marketplace for Made in Egypt products. We connect wholesalers and large retailers across the globe with World-Class Egyptian manufacturers, producers and exporters. 

For Wholesalers from all around the globe who are looking for quality products Made in Egypt, look no further. At BuyMassry, we ensure to the buyers a positive online experience and we provide them on-demand multi-vendors quotes with the most competitive prices. Our dedicated team of export specialists deals with each lead with the utmost professionalism and highest confidentiality.

Our commitment is to support you as a buyer during all the steps of the Order-to-Delivery Process (ODP). We will work on reducing the lead time thanks to our proximity to the local manufacturers and producers. This is translated into very regular exchanges and follow-ups with both sellers and buyers until the goods are delivered.    

Buymassry, a marketplace operated by a team of experts with a strong local footprint,  can offer you a hassle-free business for all your future trade transactions with Egyptian manufacturers and producers. 

Partnering with Buymassry means short lead times and benefitting from our established working relations with local Egyptian sellers.

About Made in Egypt

Egyptian products' top export destinations

Egypt occupies a key location in the Middle East. Just west of the Red Sea and bordering Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Libya and Sudan, Egypt is strategically located and controls vast water resources as the home of Lake Nasser and the mighty Nile river as well as the Suez Canal, a major waterway connecting the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea and from there to the Middle East and Southeast Asia. 
Egypt exports continue to grow with over 253 products ranging from Gold, Petroleum Products, to automotive, insulated wires, electronics, and textiles to name a few of the industries. 
The top exports of Egypt are Crude Petroleum ($4.69B), Gold ($2.78B), Nitrogenous Fertilizers ($1.15B), Refined Petroleum ($902M) and Insulated Wire ($892M), using the 1992 revision of the HS (Harmonized System) classification. Its top imports are Wheat ($4.17B), Petroleum Gas ($3.59B), Refined Petroleum ($3.26B), Semi-Finished Iron ($1.97B) and Crude Petroleum ($1.62B).

The top export destinations of Egypt are the United Arab Emirates ($2.69B), Italy ($2.02B), Turkey ($1.98B), the United States ($1.69B) and Germany ($1.51B). The top import origins are China ($8.07B), Russia ($5.84B), Germany ($3.45B), the United States ($3.38B) and Italy ($3.19B).
Egypt's Top export destinations

Egypt Export Top destinations 

Source: Tradecouncil.org, 2017

Top 50 potential export from Egypt to the world

Export potential from Egypt to the World

Source ITC, 2020