Duo Flavored Milk - Banana by Greenland

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Brand: Greenland, SKUs: 200 ml, Packaging: Tetra pack
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Duo Flavored Milk - Banana by Greenland
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Start your day healthy and strong

We offers the finest Milk for all of those who care about their health, and the health of their children. Rich in vitamins, proteins, and minerals; a 200 ml glass of Greenland Milk contains 30% of your daily recommended dose of calcium, helping to keep your bones strong and promoting a bright shiny smile.

UHT Treatment

All our Milk products Milk are subjected to UHT treatment; a thermal treatment process that inactivates bacterial flora, and guarantees Milk sterility. Nevertheless, Greenland uses the latest technologies and processes to ensure that the nutritional value of Milk to remain intact.  Our Milk products come in Tetra Pak packages in two convenient sizes of one liter and 200 ml, attractively TBA designed.



200 ml
Tetra pack


Expiry date:
12 months from the production date

About the Vendor

Greenland Group for Food Industries was founded in Egypt in 1995 and was acquired by Lactalis – Halawa Group in 2019 in its ongoing efforts to become the regional benchmark for dairy industries.

Over 2,000 skilled Greenland employees put forth their knowledge and expertise in the dairy and juice industry to produce a variety of premium quality products of: White Cheese, Processed Cheese, Mozzarella, Ghee, Milk, Juice and Fresh Dairy Products

Our market leadership stems from an in-depth understanding of our consumers and bringing them healthy & nutritious products from our delicious dairy range to meet their expectations and ultimate satisfaction.

Greenland products are on the shelves in more than 50 countries and considered the premier provider for governmental, hospitality, and public sectors in Egypt, United States, European Union, North Africa, and the GCC region.

In light of our dedication and consistent achievements, Greenland was ranked the world’s number one largest producer of White Cheese in Tetra Pak packages for twelve consecutive years (2000 – 2012).

Greenland stands as the largest producer and distributor of White Cheese and Mozzarella Cheese in Egypt.

Greenland guarantees high standards of quality and hygiene compatible with HACCP and certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000 and OHSAS 18001.


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