EGY 1 infant milk

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Brand: EGY, SKUs: 450 gm, Packaging: Tin
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EGY 1 infant milk
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EGY 1 infant Milk

EGY 1 is infant milk powder for babies from birth to 6 months of age.

Mother’s milk is the best diet for young babies. If, however, you cannot breastfeed your baby, feed EGY 1 after consulting your pediatrician.

EGY 1 is a pleasant & easily digestible & well-satiating food for babies during the first 6 months.
EGY 1 contains valuable nutrients & essential elements ensuring the baby’s well-being.
EGY 1 contains (70.2 Kcal per 100ml).

EGY 1 nutrient energy distribution is almost as follows 50% from vegetable fat, 40% from carbohydrates & only 10% from protein to be spared for building new tissues for the baby.

EGY 1 contains 7 gm/100 ml lactose (same as breast milk)
EGY 1 protein supplying the most essential amino acids.
EGY 1 is enriched with all essential vitamins and minerals.

EGY 1 is enriched with a proper amount of calcium & phosphorus with a ratio of 2:1 to ensure maximum absorption of calcium.



450 gm

About the Vendor

Lacto-Misr Company for the Production of Baby Milk powder & Food is a joint-stock company established in January 2000. 

Lacto-Misr is the first plant in Egypt, the Middle East & Africa to produce Baby Milk Powder.

The plant is designed also to produce special baby food, supplements and food ingredients and is equipped with the most advanced Austrian & German technology in the field of Baby Food Production and food ingredients. All the types of equipment are controlled automatically under the supervision of highly experienced Egyptian specialists.

The Know-How for Baby Milk was obtained from one of the major German companies which are considered one of the few worldwide companies in the Baby Milk Production. 

The annual production capacity of Lacto Misr is about 35 million tins from baby milk powder as well as 15000 tons from Non-Dairy Creamer powder and Topping Base powder to cover the local needs & export the surplus to the Arab Countries.


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