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Pomegranates. August till October Varities: Aswity - Baladi Brands: Autumm Packing: 3600 Crts X 4.5 n.w
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Apricot fresh fruit by Egyptian Export Center HB
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ZHAGHLOL Zhagloul its red color and Long, solid and with smooth texture, has a good taste SAMANI Samani dates its yellow and some of it have a light orange color and Long oval , solid and with smooth texture, has a good taste BARHI Barhi Dates Oval in Shape and with a smooth, clear yellow skin....
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SUPERIOR SEEDLESS Frosty Green seedless, round berries. Fairly small to medium long, compact, tapered bunches, Tart-sweet flavor. Firm flesh and tender skin. FLAME SEEDLESS Cherry red color, seedless ,Sweet-tart and crunchy THOMPSON SEEDLESS Light green seedless, firm, round berries, Sweet,...
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WHITE GRAPEFRUIT A California native, the seedless White Marsh Grapefruit major citrus crops and is considered the Mediterranean’s finest and tastiest grapefruit. Characterized by its rapid fruition and high productivity, it has the longest growing season of all citrus varieties from  September...
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Agro Alex Group exports top quality hand selected Grapes. Variety and Export Window White Early Superior Seedless: Starting from May till June. White Superior Seedless: Starting from June till July. Red Flame Seedless: Starting from May till July. Red Crimson Seedless: Starting...
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KUMQUAT Eaten as a grape (with the peel), the distinct flavor of kumquat makes it a desirable addition to deserts, salads and many recipes. the kumquat is an oval-shaped, yellowish-orange fruit that has a unique, bittersweet flavor. The kumquat ripens between November and March and tastes best...
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Product Season: Starting from December till March.
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MANDARIN The mandarin tree may be much smaller than that of the sweet orange or equal in size, depending on variety. The fruit is oblate, the peel bright-orange or red-orange when ripe, loose, separating easily from the segments. Seeds are small, pointed at one end,. CLEMENTINE The clementine is...
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