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Cairo, 3333
A quarter of a century heritage of quality and Innovation.
• Reaching a quarter of a century experience in Quality, Safety and Innovation of food market.
• Family-owned company structure.
• Own its Production Plant, Fleet, and Refrigerators.
• DACO sister company provides most of the agricultural supply.
• PILCO the sister company provides some of the packages done to MONTANA.
• Maamoun Cold Stores the sister company provides the storing.
• 100 % Natural Products.
• No Additives – No Preservatives.
• Freezing Method for preservation Shock Freezing.
• Own laboratories.
• Good availability.
• Tailor-made package, blends upon request.
• Full transparency and traceability.
• Reliable and flexible partner.
• Product development.
• The company’s equipment and production lines are constantly being updated with "state of the art" technology. "

Trends in food technology for producing, processing, and ensuring the safety of foods; Attention is given to methods for the prevention of food borne infections, the preparation of chilled, controlled atmosphere storage, dietary changes relative to dietary fiber, the complete prevention of any artificial or natural addition."

We do:
Feed our families, the nation, and the world. Strive to provide safe working environment. Operate with Integrity and Trust in what we do.

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