Mango Pulp

Mango Pulp

Produced with the highest quality of fresh Mango that suit all production needs

Resitrade will select best products from reputed vendors and negotiate best quality and price.

14% - 16%
Expiry date:
24 months from the production date
Weight & dimensions
Package type:
Aseptic Bags inside Drums

ResiTrade is a division of ResieCom Egypt A significant effort invested to establish privileged business relationships with different Egyptian suppliers resulted in obtaining access to high-quality products under strong brands that are already present in Global markets. Resitrade acts as a Commercial Trading office to provide high quality &...


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Mango Season: Egypt’s Favorite Summer Fruit

Sep 4, 2020 Mary ARAVANIS / Egyptian Streets Do you Know?
Nothing beats the smell of a fresh pile of mangoes on a warm summer’s day. No matter how one chooses to eat it, in the form of a ‘cup’, in the form of ‘ senan ’ (teeth or hedgehog style) or simply biting into it, the juicy interior with its rich...
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ResiTrade is a division of ResieCom Egypt A significant effort invested to establis...
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Mango Pulp : Produced of the highest quality fresh Mango
Package typeAseptic Bags inside Drums
Yes, we can ship to United States
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