Polyester putty (Body Filler) by MIDO COATINGS

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Brand: MIDO
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Polyester putty (Body Filler)

Lightweight putty:

  • Polyester putty with a light specific weight
  • Very easy sanding.
  • Very good adhesion.
  • Superior filling with minimum weight on the surface.

Medium weight putty:

  • Polyester putty with a medium-specific weight.
  • Very good filling.
  • Very good sanding.
  • Affordable price.




About the Vendor

The International Group for Modern Coatings (MIDO) is a leading Egyptian company that Provides top-notch multi-purpose paints and coating products, developing, producing, and distributing highly specialized chemical products in-house to cater to a variety of sectors and industries, including automotive, decorative paints, wood coatings, polishes, and much more.

Established in 1979 and bringing more than 40 years of industry expertise, MIDO has always been a quality-centric organization that has been adamant to retain its solid market reputation by putting customers at the forefront of its offering, while being committed to supplying them with timely delivery of exceptional quality products over the years.