Royal Hills Baked Beans in tomato sauce by Gulf Canning Company

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Brand: Royal Hills, SKUs: 400 gm, Packaging: Tin Can, Origin of Product: Egypt
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Royal Hills Baked Beans in tomato sauce

Our customers can enjoy great quality and taste instantly without preparation time. Gulf Canning Company beans are a fast and ready-to-eat daily meal, full of proteins and free of preservatives.

Size: 180 gm / 250 gm / 360 gm / 400 gm / 450 gm / 3 kg / 4 kg



Royal Hills
400 gm
Tin Can
Origin of Product:



About the Vendor

Gulf Canning Company S.A.E. (GCC) was established in 2004, we seek to serve both local and international customers, in addition to its interest in developing the innovative side and ensuring the highest quality in accordance with international quality standards to become one of the most important companies producing and exporting canned food.

Our plant produces millions of cases annually. We manufacture white lacquered cans thus providing the consumer with rust-free cans!


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