Strawberry Puree with seeds

Strawberry Pulp with seeds


The product is prepared with fresh and ripe Egyptian strawberries carefully selected. Additives None permitted.


2a. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS Brix (Soluble solids) at 20º C

Not less than 7.5%
Viscosity Bostwick at 20°C 9.5 ± 0.5
Colour BCR a/b at 20°C 1.7 ± 0.1 Red tile L 25.9 - A 33.9 - B 14.9

Taste, aroma, and flavor: Good taste and flavor characteristic of processed strawberries. Free from off-odors and off-flavors

Texture: Homogenous and even in texture. Contains seeds

2b. CHEMICAL REQUIREMENTS pH at 20°C 3.40 – 3.85

Acidity not more than 0.6
Heavy metals In conformity with FAO/WHO and Egyptian food standards Pesticides In conformity with FAO/WHO and Egyptian food standards Radiation None. Preservatives None. GMO-Free off GMOs.


Pathogenic micro-organisms None. Micro-organisms which cause spoilage None ALLERGENS None.


4a. Primary i. Aseptic bags The product is aseptically filled in approximately 200 liters, metalized foil film bags (Scholle). The bags are examined concerning blown bags or any other type of damage. The product is then put into large polyethylene bags. ii. Drums The product is closed well and packed in about 200 kgs, clean steel drums, coated by food-grade paint. All drums are cleaned before loading.

4b. Secondary i. Palletization 4 drums placed per pallet and each shall be fastened with synthetic tape. Pallets are clean, undamaged, and of good construction. Fumigation certificate or declaration that the wooden pallets are fully in poplar wood valid for non-EU producers. ii. Shrinkwrap The drums are wrapped additionally with a shrinkwrap foil (approx. 50 cm long) to protect them from soiling and displacement


Each drum shall have the following information: Name of company, address and trademark. Name of product Statement “Made in Egypt”. Production date shelf life) Net weight Gross weight Brix-value Color


The product must be stored at a temperature not higher than 4-5 º C, protected from direct sunlight and heat, without having any noticeable change in product quality.


Shelf life is 18 months when adhering to proper storage conditions.

SKUs :
200 Kg
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Expiry date:
18 months from the production date

ResiTrade is a division of ResieCom Egypt A significant effort invested to establish privileged business relationships with different Egyptian suppliers resulted in obtaining access to high-quality products under strong brands that are already present in Global markets. Resitrade acts as a Commercial Trading office to provide high quality &...

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ResiTrade is a division of ResieCom Egypt A significant effort invested to establis...
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