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For Agricultural products, is a private Egyption firm established in 2000, with the aim of exporting agriculure producta for four years, Abd El Wahab sons Company has specialized in exporting all varieties of oranges all over the world, under the brand name ( Sun set - eagles - Cleopatra ) Quality Certificates: ( ISO 9001 - Global G.A.P - BRC - IFS - HACCP ) Abd Elwahab sons packing house is one of the largest packing houses in Egypt with a production capacity of up to 200 tons daily Cold Stores Rooms: consist of rooms with acapacity for about 800 tones of oranges the oranges are stored at a temperature of 4 to 5 degrees unitl export Abd El wahab sons company have different types of cartons for different sizes of oranges ; all oranges in their cartons are treated with (T.B.Z and O.P.P) and are washed and waxed The wooden pallets are treated according to the international criterion NO.15 the packing specifications are based on client`s specifications. Abd Elwahab sons company have been exporting... More

Nile Agricultural Ind. Co. (AGA) is probably the most modern manufacture in Egypt industry. The company was founded in 1982 with aspire to produce & distribute processed food products for retail & food-service-sector. The primary driving forces behind the establishment is Egypt social dynamic & lifestyle changes along with the growing demands of the food industry due to the fast growing demands of the food-service-sector. Mission Statement : Nile Agricultural Ind. Co. (AGA) is a market driven organization that accommodates its products to the trend & demands set out by its customer. Produce & distribute our own different lines under the brand name "AGA". Maintain our position as one of the leaders' brands for our products on the local market. Serve as contract manufacture, importer, cold store & distributor for partner clients. To maintain the relationship with our clients as friendship & partners Staff : Nile Agricultural Ind. Co. (AGA) pays much attention to it's' employees... More
Agro Alex Group Welcome to Agro Alex Group Company's website. Agro Alex Group is a family run group of companies founded in 1950 based in Alexandria, Egypt. It specialises in the cultivation, packing and export of fresh fruits and vegetables among a wide range of other products. The group of companies consists of Agro Alex Group Co., Agro Alex Co. and Mahinour Co. Since its establishment, Agro Alex Group has been able to maintain its worldwide reputation through supplying its partners with unmatched product quality that exceeds expectations at very competitive prices and constantly developing new methods to diversify into new products in order to successfully penetrate markets whilst maintaining an unwavering optimum quality of its products. Moreover AAG is a pioneer in the agricultural innovation of its products and packing stations.
With more than 15 years of experience in the Agriculture business, Agrocorp was founded by the El-Sadek Family in early 2004, with sales directed 100% to the high-end export market. The company is specialized in growing and exporting fresh and processed vegetables while using strong traceability systems and the latest technology available on the market. We are committed offering our customers the best value and the highest quality through continuous customer focus. Agrocorp’s strategy is designed to accelerate sales growth, improve profit returns and strengthen the company’s foundation for future expansion. Inspired with the principles integrity, quality, value and service. We listen carefully to our customers; applying the insights we gain from them to meet their different needs and wishes. We are continually developing new technology and innovative ideas to meet our customers’ expectations by showing passion and expertise in every aspect of our business. At Agrocorp we believe in the power of people, as... More
AGROFOOD started off as a partnership in 1992. The company was driven by the initial yearn to develop an organic community within Egypt. Since the start AGROFOOD has been a believer that consumers will always select what is safe and healthiest when it comes to choosing what they eat. This philosophy has encouraged AGROFOOD to work towards this lifestyle and work in the organic production bringing the very best to their consumers, making our company one of the pioneer companies in Egypt.   AGROFOOD is a privately owned company with approximately 150 permanent employees and 700 seasonal workers. AGROFOOD is one of the first in Egypt to specialize in the organic and now in the conventional agro-production, grading, packing and exporting field. Not only are we key players in the export of vegetables but are also the second largest company specialized in the importing of potato seeds for both table and processing varieties. AGROFOOD owns five packhouses for root crops and fresh vegetables. More
EL-NAGGAR GROUP consists of two main companies: AGROLAND for agricultural manufacturing Trademark: AGRO LAND International Company for Trade & Distribution Trademark: Lotus and International. Both are specialized in exporting potatoes, citrus and onions [red and white]. El-Naggar Group was established in 1991, and it began as a small station with one production line producing 50 tons of citrus and potatoes per day. Starting 2004 we grew significantly to be one of the biggest stations for the preparation and packaging of potatoes, onions and citrus today. We also upgraded our stations by providing an additional production line which enables us to produce an overall of 500 tons of citrus, 300 tons of potatoes, and 50 tons of onions per day.
Oil is the most widely used ingredient in the preparation and cooking of food throughout the world. AJWA Edible Oil processes and distributes various products under 9 different brands for the domestic and wholesale markets. AJWA also produces for others under private labels. The company activities include the following: Production and packaging all types of ghee. Refining and packing of edible soft oils. Fractionation of palm oil. Manufacturing of all types of packages for the Company products and others. Storing all types of edible oils for AJWA and others.
Al Doha Company for food stuff is one of the leading companies in the field of processing food products and packaging in the Egyptian market Al Doha was founded in 1980, since that time Al Doha passed through great past and now we are craving a widely presence for great future in the field of packaged dried foods. We were keen to invest all new technologies to our industry and we continue to introduce a wide variety of products that fulfill our customer's expectations, as we offer the best natural nourishment which might be used for any dried foods ever, We Now offer an extensive range of products that include ' Rice, Pasta, Sugar, Flour, Beans , herbs and Spices '. For us, Quality is everything. It's Our Strength, Our Passion' it enables us to delight our customers with the best of the best products.
The history of the company goes back to the 1940’s and began with one product Kamardene (apricot sheets) which were all handmade it wasn’t until 1979 the company began to introduce different products in which to satisfy the local market, as it realized that the consumer had changed their eating habits and were ready for something The Al-Durra factory now occupies 15.000 sq mt which includes our laboratory fully new equipped with the latest technology to meet with food standards and holds all the necessary certificates including haccp ISO 22000 and the ISO 9001 certificates. Al-Durra remained and will remain the leader of food products industry
Al Nada for Food Industries is an individual company established by Mr. Fayez El said Ibrahim Shaban, since 2010 A Nada is satisfying the ever-increasing domestic and global markets, in spite of the daily changing that we facing in our fields, we adhere to our main concept: Unmatched Quality. Our clear vision is to provide quality, nutritious food and beverages that enrich our consumers’ lives every day Passion for quality, innovation, global production standards, marketing and our unique infrastructure for distributing are the most factors that distinguish our trademark, our commitment to quality is the basis of our investment, our quality control management doing their best to produce the product and guarantee the most prestigious standards of excellence, also one of our important factor is after sale services.
AlfaFrost is merely specialized in the production and exporting of frozen fruits and vegetables, as well as brine vegetables. As a result of being located in Egypt, AlfaFrost has the ability to provide its customers with year-round quality products, because of the extremely fertile Egyptian soil and 12 months of good weather. After almost four decades in the business, AlfaFrost is now a world-class manufacturer, as well as one of Egypt’s leading producers, of top quality frozen fruits and vegetables as well as brine vegetables. AlfaFrost exports to almost all parts of the world, with a day-by-day growing market around the world. All of Al faFrost’s products are exported abroad, especially to European countries
The Arab Company for Dairy Products - Arab Dairy - Panda (an Egyptian Joint Stock Company) was established in September 1985 under the license of the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt in accordance with the provisions of the Investment Law No. 43 of 1974 and its executive regulations. The company has been extended for twenty five years starting from the end of the previous period on September 8, 2010 with the company's main headquarters is 29/1 Industrial Zone - Katameya. The purpose of the company It is the production of white cheese and on April 11, 1990 amended the statute of the company so that the purpose of the company is to produce all dairy products and all kinds of cheese.
Khaled khoshala & Partners Company (Avanti) One Of Largest Producers Of Cheese product , olive oil , milk powder in egypt & middle east . We Specialize in producing high quality of white cheese , processed cheddar cheese , spreadable processed cheese , slices processed cheese . With a large factory at Obour city, Khaled Khoshala company manufactures  many products, one of is Avanti processed cheddar cheese and white cheese with their wide yet unique flavors, finest premium quality and ingredients, making them a rich source of nutrients and vitamins. Avanti extra virgin olive oil, that comes right from olives trees in the sacred lands of Sinai, known as the healthier, with their pure color and unforgettable taste. Last but not least Avanti pure butter oil, with its premium world class ingredients, making it a rich source of vitamins.  
We are a group of Engineer,Which handle all our experience in manufacturing to small project industry. Such KILIM, KILIIM, KILEM Rug, Crochet, Cotton Mat, Macrame  
Best is one of the leading Egyptian producers of Juices, Tomato Paste and Jams. The company’s mission is to deliver a high-fruit content quality beverage with a great selection of packaging material to suit our customers’ needs ranging in size, price and pack. Our goal is to deliver the best available fruit crops of the Egyptian Nile Delta. Our formula is simple Providing beverages with high fruit content, juice making guarantees preserving the freshness of the exotic flavors. BEST products stand well for shelf display. Our products are delivered through a variety of packages including Doypack, Tetrapak, Bottles, Tin Cans, and Jars.
Beyti is one of the largest producers of milk, juice and yoghurt in Egypt, targeting a market of 86 million consumers and catering to different consumer profiles. Beyti was established in 1998 with the acquisition of the largest commercial dairy farm in Egypt from the Saudi Group Dallah Al-Baraka. Today, Beyti produces a number of agrifoods products, including juices, 100% natural milk, flavored milk, a variety of spoonable and drinkable yoghurts, as well as cooking and whipping creams, for domestic consumption and export sales. The International Company for Agro Industrial Projects, Beyti invested in a multi-million dollar construction of a fully-automated, state-of-the-art facility on the Cairo-Alex Desert Road to allow it to process top quality dairy and agricultural products. The plant makes use of the latest and best food processing techniques and innovative layout that maximizes efficiency. It employs high-speed processing machinery, and is capable of producing a diverse variety of dairy, juice and... More
Birds Cage For Food started in June 2003 as Media and Marketing Company , we have almost 9 years in Manufacturing ,Trading and Export for food products. BCF one of Egypt's largest Manufacturing for Jams and Chicken Stock . BCF went on to producing its own brands as well as private labels, B C F F is among the leading Egyptian private food manufacturers possessing state-of-the-art technologies in food production and packaging under ISO 22000 and ISO 9001. BCF Products (Under our own brands or private label) : - Jams - Juices - Bouillon - Dried Soup
BiscoMisr was established in 1957 with an original purpose of supplying the army and the national schools at the time with a quick energy snack for the soldiers in the barracks as well as the school children on the playground. Since then, Biscomisr has become one of the country’s main providers of baked goods and confectionary and is indeed the most recognizable brand in Egypt in its fields. Since 2005 to date, BiscoMisr brought on a team of highly qualified personnel with working experience in multinationals that have proven to be the best of their peers in their respective fields; from senior management to marketing, IT, sales and export. The management team has brought on a renaissance to the company’s strategy, which has evolved with BiscoMisr to a state-of-the-art international company that is keeping up with the times. In January 2015, BiscoMisr joined the global Kellogg family, and BiscoMisr prepares to embark on a future with great promise. More
Bostana Co. for Food Industries Every success story has a beginning, for   Bostana   it began in 2006 with a new vision of making frozen vegetables & fruits accessible while maintaining the highest quality. We start by planting and purchasing the freshest produce in order to ensure the quality excels. We then use the most advanced and renowned freezing methods such as our state of the art IQF processing plant to freeze and package fruits and vegetables. The products are then exported to the world, including Europe and the MENA region. This could not be possible without our employees who are the core of our business who enable us to keep up with the change and new market trends.  
Company Profile: Every successful journey starts with a single step, for Cold Alex, it began with a clear vision of becoming one of the best manufacturers of a wealth of value added frozen vegetables & fruits. Our journey started in 1962 by a strong team of professional experts in the frozen fruits & vegetables processing industry. To build this vision, we choose the fertile soil of EGYPT. Year after year, Cold Alex's markets span across Canada, United States of America, Mexico, Europe, England, Australia and the Middle East.
CrazyBanana Beachwear Crazy Banana is the best place for distinguished women who are looking for unique designs in best quality and competitive prices . Most models are special editions designed and created by a smart egyptian designer.    
Dairy International Group for food industries is specialized in the production and distribution of dairy products. The group produces a wide range of dairy products with special focus on different kinds of cheese with highest quality standards and innovative products for local and international markets. Although Dairy International Group Brands is a young company (established 2013), our Brands and products are exported to many countries in the region and beyond.
We have managed to establish ourselves as a major grower-exporter company. With a wide range of top quality produce and we are proud to be recognized among the best agricultural companies in Egypt. We take great pride in our top quality produce and service while building trust across borders. Yet, with our growing success we have remained committed to our core values of quality, consistency and efficiency, the values that have gotten us to where we are today.

Established in 1990, the Arabian Food Industries Company had a humble beginning offering a modicum of products with only two types of white and mozzarella cheeses, respectively. Since then its flagship cheese brand, Domty, has grown to hold an unparalleled position amongst market competitors. This has been made possible through a combination of strategic endeavors, most notably those that have helped secure market trust and consumer loyalty owed to the company’s continuous commitment to quality. Domty now offers a wide range of products and flavors, with a family of nearly 200 SKUs that have helped expand its market reach and made it available on all supermarket shelves. Domty’s success is exemplified in its growth trajectory. What began with only two distribution centers and two trucks, at a time when Egyptian consumers had yet to develop a taste for packaged cheese and when loose cheese held 90% of the market share, is now a household brand and leading cheese manufacturer in the industry.... More
Olivee Co. for production and agricultural manufacture S.A.E. was established on 1971 and The Company had turned from individual to Egyptian Contribution Company and had become one of the international companies in olive production quantity & quality From this changing our company had the ability to open new markets and it had attended a noticeable expansion in increasing investment to be one of the largest companies in olive production locally and international With the increasing in needs and demands of the various clients and markets all over the world, Olivee Company had participated with the countries that product olive which consider the greatest in olive production all over the world, as the company worked in increasing its production and its clear expansion in this field We have the latest technological and mechanical ways in our factories in
Easy food operates with community with a sense of responsibility in mind. We believe that acting locally is the key to building a sustainable market internationally , especially when it comes to the food we eat. Our mission, since the beginning, is to create an inclusive enviroment at which we can deliver the exact customer needs with sustainable reliability and ontime. We deal with our stakeholders as allies and partners.
Egyptian dairy & foodstuff co-operating under the umbrella of Danah Al Safat co. Our success story begins in Egypt in 1999. Since that time, the company has produced a variety of dairy products, juices, beverages and foodstuff products, and it’s considered as one of the pioneer entities within the Egyptian market in this field. Our Success didn’t stop at the Egyptian market but we are widely exporting to China, Iraq, Yemen, Oman, Mali, Mauritania, Gabon  , USA, Libya , England , Belgium , Palestine , Mauritius, France , Australia , Congo , Congo , Sudan , Zambia , Madagascar , Kenya , Greece , Canada and Jordon   . More
Egyptian Emirates for food industry is a leading company in various types of long and short pasta production. Our factory is certified by HACCP and ISO 9001 due to the company’s full commitment to the quality and safety level . The company is using the latest Italian machinery equipped with the highest technology in the world to manufacture the finest types of pasta. The Emirati experience in pasta manufacturing and the strategic location of the Arab Republic of Egypt combine the success factors of the company in the production, manufacturing, shipping and export sectors from Egypt to a large number of countries around the world such as Africa, East Asia and the United States of America. The company aspires to cover all markets of the world, supported by the modern technology used in the expansion of its production lines. The marketing and sales is policy is based on the quality and the customer good service as they are the most important and most worthy criteria. Egyptian Emirates produces its own brands... More
We are growers at heart. Egyptian Export Center believes in getting things done from start to finish. We truly believe that when your passion is growing the produce, the rest simply comes naturally. Egyptian Export Center is largest grower and exporter of dates and citrus, fruits and vegetables, and is a leading global supplier of the world renowned lot of brands Egyptian Export center is trusted by many of Asia’s best retail chains. In our dynamic world, Egyptian export center takes pride in its ability to adapt itself to the frequent global changes as well as the unique demands of each and every client. Our deep integration in every step of the produce’s journey from beginning till your port allows us to make any change required at any step of the way. Our main market is in Asia japan , south Korea , Singapore , Malaysia , Indonesia , Bangladesh , Dubai , Iran ETC , Europe Poland , Holland ,France , England , Germany , ETC , and Canada And for Asia make sure that we are always ahead of the... More
Since its inception, and within short period, the company’s name became a leader and known in many countries all over the world. In addition, the company support the staff with top-notch engineers to develop the machines to cope with the rapid development of the market and to provide integrated services for our customers. This is no limit to the ambition of our company, we obtained ISO certification: ISO 9001:2008 Quality management systems ISO 14001:2004 Environmental management systems ISO 18001:2007 OHSAS ISO 22000:2005 Food safety management systems and we will continue providing all what is new and innovation in this field. We deal with our customers as one of our family members.
EL KOUBASY is a privately-owned business that is operated by Sayed Nady and Koubasy Mahmoud Combined; they brought 60-years of experience to the Juice business. EL KOUBASY is one of the largest manufacturer of fresh-squeezed juice in Egypt We produce a full line of juices, including orange, Mandarin, grapefruit, lemon, strawberry, Guava, Mango, Kiwi, Pomegranate, Pineapple, Apricot and Carrot Juice. And whenever the highest-quality fruit is available, as we also provide high class oriental herbal beverage we offer organically certified beverage. Obligation to Freshness, High Quality and Purity: Unlike other companies ,EL KOUBASY controls every step of its juice production, from growing and extraction, to quality control, microbiology testing and packaging. We procure all of our fruit from the best farms in Egypt, extract the juice in our own site, and conduct quality and microbiological tests at our own onsite lab the result is a product so startlingly delicious, it's LIKE EATING FRUITS ITSELF. EL... More
Egyptian company for preserving and cooling vegetables and fruit (ECPC) is an Egyptian Limited Partnership company started its business activities in seventies, currently with 100+ employees on-board. ECPC is one of biggest frozen vegetables and fruit exporters in Middle East, North Africa, and European Community operating from Cairo Headquarters. OUR VISION ECPC seeks to be the leader in providing the best quality of frozen vegetables and fruits for its current customers and new markets customers through on-time delivery with comprehensive sales and quality. OUR MISSION ECPC is such an exporter It serves its customers as a trusted ally, providing them with the loyalty of a business partner and the economics of outside consumers. We make sure that our customers have what they need to run their business as well as possible, with maximum efficiency and reliability.
Our history The history behind our iconic brand Our story begins in the year 1889 during the reign of "Abbass II Hilmi" Bey, the last Khedive of Egypt and Sudan. There were tumultuous times but nevertheless Mohamed Hussein El Rashidi Effendi was determined to make his new family business, a confiserie (confectionary shop) in the popular Cairo neighborhood of Sayeda Zeinab specializing in Halawa. It wasn’t long before the shop’s reputation was established. Grocers would flock from all over the capital to stock Halawa and Tehina made from the purest sesame seeds. The brand, named El Rashidi El Mizan, was so much in demand due to its consistent quality so that it became a staple of every Egyptian table. El Rashidi Effendi’s passion for this industry was the seed of our own enthusiasm that was translated into a strong consumer base for more than 125 years. It won’t surprise you to know that our company shaped the Halawa market in the entire region and continues doing so today. With over a century of... More
El Zahar Company has put a golden fingerprint in its field since the company established in 2000 . The company was keen on the quality of its products and the confidence of its customers, as it achieved remarkable success at the local and international level.
Dr Mounir Armanious is the heart and soul behind EVAGRO. He launched it in 1996 with only 160 acres basing it on a mission to reclaim the earth by turning desert land into productive farmland. Dr Mounir had one goal; to improve the wellbeing of the society and be a source of positive impact in every possible way. He gave back to his community with generosity, high quality products and initiatives that directly lead to significant improvements in quality of life.
Family Pharmacia was founded with the beginning of the new millennium to satisfy the passion of its founder to produce herbal teas that bring peace to the mind and refreshment to the soul. As a pharmacist, our founder's extensive knowledge of medicinal plants allowed him to develop herbal teas that were tasteful, refreshing, replenishing, and therapeutic for our customers. while, with hard work and time, Family Pharmacia has grown to become Egypt's third largest herbal tea producer , it stands alone at the top of the market for quality ( we are ISO 22000-and OHSAS 18001-certified) Family Pharmacia owns a 5,200m2 state-of-the-art packing facility and possesses an extensive network of suppliers. Along with its own brands, Family pharmacia produces more than 50 different herbal and fruit teas under private labels for 32 companies in Egypt and international markets. Along with Egypt, our products are sold in throughout gulf countries, Lebanon, Jordan, and USA, and we are actively pursuing other foreign markets. More
Faragalla group was founded in 1973 by Eng. Mohamed Farag Amer who is now the chairman of the industrial complex. The group currently is considered to be one of the biggest and most diversified food companies in the Middle East. The industrial operations are located at New Borg El-Arab city. Under this group there are 3 separate food processing companies which are The Egyptian company for freezing and beef processing, The Egyptian food company &The Egyptian Company for Food Development Faragalla consists of 28 factories and all of them are certified for ISO 22000, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and HACCP in additional to FDA
Farm Food for Food Industries is a private family-owned shareholding company based in Egypt’s capital Cairo that produces a wide selection of top quality frozen vegetables and fruits the region is renowned for. The company was founded in 2002, with the objectives of supporting the local farmers, producing a variety of eclectic products, and promoting them domestically and internationally, mainly in the Middle East, the Arabian Gulf region, and beyond. Its new state-of-the-art fully automated packaging and storage facility is located in Salheya Industrial zone in the city of Ismailiyah, North East of Cairo with a production capacity of 10,000 MT of final consumer product.
Get to Know Us Better Frosty is a leading Egyptian company specialized in processing a high quality Egyptian agricultures products Such as IQF Vegetables & Fruits – Fresh Vegetables & fruits and in brine products. Our Main asset is our staff, with more than 10 years of experience in agricultural products, and great passion for being a leader in this business. Our relationship with the biggest farms owners & our experience in producing & supplying raw material make us one of the best price providers in Egypt.
Established in 2008 , Fruit Republic is The Leading Producer and Supplier Of bottled Fresh Juice in Egypt . We Supply Prominent Egyptian and International F&B Chains With bottled Juices Under Their Private Label . Fruit Republic also Supplies bulk juices to Several al hotels , restaurants and Cafes , Locally and in the region . Fruit Republic also manufactures its own Fresh Juice brand Under The Name . SQUEEZE . Fruit Republic is a leading producer and supplier of pasteurized and fresh juices in Egypt.Fruit Republic produces premium NFC and 100% reconstituted juices under the brand named “Squeeze” in the local market and in neighbouring markets, for the off-trade. Fruit Republic also produces high-end nectar juices and regular nectar juices under the brand name "Refresh", today for the export market and soon to be launched in the local market. Additionally, we produce high-end nectars under private label to export markets. Finally, the company supplies fresh juices, in bulk and... More
Galina-Agrofreeze, a leading company in the field of agricultural productions, was founded in Egypt in 2004. One of the main reasons for the success and prosperity of this company is the fact that Egypt is blessed with fertile soil and its river; the Nile. In addition, the weather all year round is exemplary for the production of a variety of fruits and vegetables. The plethora of the crops planted has enriched our production line with its array. Ever since establishing Galina-Agrofreeze, we have been focusing on our clients’ needs. We continuously upgrade our facilities to implement top technologies in the field, employing the latest market trends. With the aid of our 24,000-ton production capacity, we are committed to producing quality products. We give high attention to detail, along with our production process, which allowed Galina -Agrofreeze to become the main supplier to some of the most prominent names in the industry. The fact that our customer base has been increasing... More
GIVREX (Robert Mansour & Co.) is privately owned by the Mansour family in Alexandria, Egypt. GIVREX is specialized since 1978 in the production and export of all types of Egyptian Frozen Fruits and Vegetables, all highly selected and of finest quality. Givrex Frozen Vegetables include all types of Frozen Artichokes, Frozen Peeled Broad Beans, Frozen Vegetables Tournés (Delicatessen), Frozen Sweet Potatoes, Frozen Skinless and Grilled Pepper, Frozen Roasted Eggplant, Frozen Egyptian Ethnic Vegetables, Frozen Okra and Cut Okra, Frozen Green Beans (Whole and Cut), Frozen Fava Beans, Frozen Spinach (Leaves and Chopped), Frozen Molokhia, Frozen Creams of Soups (Heat and Eat Ready Meals) of Artichokes, Lentil, Broccoli and Leak. The Frozen Fruits range includes Frozen Strawberries, Apricots, Pulp of Mango and Guava, Fig, Dates, etc. The GIVREX frozen products are extremely popular in the local and different international markets. They are regularly exported to various countries in Europe, Canada,... More
Gulf Egyptian Center is a privately owned company by Mr. Mohamed Tarek Fouad. It was founded in 1990. Gulf Egyptian Center is actively specialized since then in exporting frozen vegetables and fruits, all highly selected and of high quality under the company’s private owned brand Gold Alex. Mr. M.Tarek directed all his efforts for increasing the exports of the frozen vegetables and fruits year after year, and therefore managed to earn a very prominent place and one of the best reputations in the industry for the high quality of Gold Alex range of products. Gold Alex is one of the Middle East’s major new entries into the frozen vegetables .It has become one of the popular brands in different foreign markets and appealing to all classes of consumers. Gold Alex assures the vegetables and fruits from the farm to the eating table without any additives or preservatives. Gold Alex at a Glance To assure and support the main objectives in processing high quality and safe products, Gulf Egyptian Center - Gold... More
Golden Foods Co. is one of the leading Egyptian companies in the production of chocolate, breakfast cereals, snacks, bread crumb. The company exports to many countries in Africa, USA, Japan, North Africa, Middle East, South America, and Asia which gives it exposure on other markets. This exposure adds to its experience and enhances its quality to meet different tastes in different markets together with a very high potential in meeting the different customer needs. Products: The company produces more than 30 products varying from Breakfast Cereals, Cereal Bars and Chocolate Bars in different flavors to Snacks, Rice Crisp and Bread Crumb.
Gouda Journey into health & wellness started in Egypt since 1987 and Sprawled Over More than 32 Years of Success to Become the region’s leading vertically integrated grower, producer and distributors of high quality Fresh and Frozen Fruits and Vegetables. Combining our strengths and expertise in the region, we offer our clients a premium product that are tailored to their Needs to Maximize their healthy living Goals in a Rapidly Changing environment. “Our success is driven by a combination of factor. Our dedicated team under the leadership of our Supportive board and visionary management. Our state of-the art infrastructure incorporating centralized farms and advanced processing plants Our talent for innovation reinforced by world-class marketing and distribution expertise. Diversifying Success our growth strategy encompasses diversification through innovation, geographical expansion, and organic growth.   More
Great Foods is one of the largest food companies in Egypt and an immense source of pride for the El Naggar Group. Founded in 1972 by our beloved Moustafa El Naggar and current Chairman & CEO Hamdy El Naggar we incorporate our family values with our business activities. We currently provide employment for over 3700 individuals of diverse skills. As a company with decades of experience, Great Foods takes pride in combining its traditions and fine craftsmanship with modern large-scale production and a focus on food safety. From beginnings limited to merely 10,000 Square Meters of land Great Foods has expanded its operations to accommodate 18 production lines housed in seven different factories, lying on approximately 180,000 Square Meters of land. The company has 20 branch offices in Egypt alone and maintains International Certification Standards. We proudly produce over 150 products with different sizes (SKU’s) from the mentioned varieties under the brand names Al Marai, OK, Juicy Up and Royal. For... More
Green Tiba is an investment project in fresh produce sector that owns and manages Wide acres of reclaimed land in Sadat & Nubaria Areas cultivated with various fresh fruits and vegetables which are ready for export and centrally managed by an integrated food safety and quality management system. Green Tiba produces & sources huge volumes of fresh fruits & vegetables per year. Our main fresh products are; fresh citrus, grapes, strawberry, Mangoe, stone fruits, pomegranate, potatoes, colored capcicum, Iceburg lettuce, green beans, onion and garlic. Green Tiba constantly seeks to stay updated with the most advanced international agricultural practices in order to make its products carefully handpicked, packed and delivered within the shortest time. So, our products are totally grown according to the global standards of Good Agricultural Practices, (Global G.A.P), and packed at ISO 22000 and BRC certified packinghouses. Over the years, we have been improving our efficiency and our offered fresh... More
The leading peanut farmers, processors and exporters of raw and processed peanuts in the region. The group encompasses agricultural, cleaning & sizing, processing, financial and trading subsidiaries. Vision Green Valley is a peanuts company with the vision to build its own international brand for peanuts-based products through constant value added approach, technical know-how, as well as research and development capabilities that produces high quality products. Mission GV’s mission is built on core values: Provide nutritional and healthy peanut based products. Create job opportunities for young generations. Promote Egyptian brands and products in both local and international markets, based on a defined competitive advantage More

Greenland Group for Food Industries was founded in Egypt in 1995 and was acquired by Lactalis – Halawa Group in 2019 in its ongoing efforts to become the regional benchmark for dairy industries. Over 2,000 skilled Greenland employees put forth their knowledge and expertise in the dairy and juice industry to produce a variety of premium quality products of: White Cheese, Processed Cheese, Mozzarella, Ghee, Milk, Juice and Fresh Dairy Products Our market leadership stems from an in-depth understanding of our consumers and bringing them healthy & nutritious products from our delicious dairy range to meet their expectations and ultimate satisfaction. Greenland products are on the shelves in more than 50 countries and considered the premier provider for governmental, hospitality, and public sectors in Egypt, United States, European Union, North Africa, and the GCC region. In light of our dedication and consistent achievements, Greenland was ranked the world’s number one largest producer of... More
Being of Swiss origin, Hero Group has more than 125 years of heritage and experience in the field of fruit based products. We are devoted to conserve the goodness of nature in our premium quality products, with minimal additives and processing. With the ability to sustain the highest international production standards, Hero runs one of the largest baby food manufacturers in many countries like Spain, Turkey and the United States of America. Hero Middle East & Africa is currently the regional export hub, with the largest jam manufacturing factory in the region. Based in Egypt, we are currently serving 40 countries in the Middle East & Africa area.
Holw El Sham for Food Industries is one of the leading FMCG companies in Egypt and the Middle East works in the field of Mix Powder, Juice, Biscuits, Cake, Jam, Halawa Tahina, Tomato Paste, Chocolate, Coffee Mix, Qamar Eldin, Halawet Moled (sugar candies) and Confectionery Supplies such as (Chocolate – Cream Chante – Sponge Cake, Cherry – ICE Cream – etc.). The founder of Holw El Sham is Mr. Abd El Moneim Bayoumi, the Chairman of the board and an old member of the Egyptian Chamber of Food Industries, also a member of Investors Association, the Egyptian Businessmen Association and the Egyptian-Kenyan Business Council, incorporated the company in 1991.  
International Food and Consumable Goods Egypt IFCG goal is to achieve a competitive edge in the frozen potato market through providing innovative products, understanding and addressing diversified Customers' needs. International Food and Consumable Goods – Egypt S.A.E. (IFCG) was established in 2011 in Egypt in Industrial area (no.4) near 6th October governorate and started production early 2012. IFCG is a member of Saudi International Food Service (IFS) Group, a holding company that was established in 1994 and dedicated for foodstuffs and consumer goods distribution, manufacturing, retail, catering and franchise businesses as well . IFCG established a modern frozen potato factory in Egypt producing high quality of frozen Potato varieties with exceptional taste making it one of the Potato Export Leaders in the region.

Juhayna: Egypt’s Leading Dairy and Juice Producer Pioneering the production of dairy and juice products for over three decades. Juhayna Food Industries is a leading Egypt-based manufacturer specialized in the production, processing and packaging of dairy, juice, and cooking products. Since its founding in 1983, it has secured a frontrunner position in the dairy and juice industries in Egypt and has expanded its presence in the Middle East, a feat made possible through its firm commitment to delivering a wide range of high-quality, healthy, and safe products that have become trusted household names. Founded by Safwan Thabet, Juhayna Food Industries was built on a vision to introduce the market to a new business model for food production that holds innovation at its core. Today, with four fully operational facilities, a vast network of distribution centers serving more than 65,000 retail outlets nationwide, and a 550-feddan, fully-owned dairy farm that has the capacity to house 8,000 milking cows... More
  Lactalis – Halawa Group : A major producer of Dairy Products in Egypt with presence across all dairy categories, including: Cheeses (Processed Cheese, White Cheese, Pizza Cheese) Chilled Dairy Milk (UHT and Fresh Milk) Juices Infant Nutrition     Our Vision Our vision is to produce the highest quality and innovative dairy products, and present it to our consumers in a fast developing market.   More
Lacto-Misr Company for the Production of Baby Milk powder & Food is a joint stock Company established on January, 2000.Upon idea, technology transfer and promotion of its Chairman Dr. Ibrahim Ezzat Starting production on September, 2002 . Lacto-Misr Located in the industrial zone at the 10th of Ramadan City on area approximately 31000 m2. Lacto-Misr is the first plant in Egypt, the Middle East & Africa to produce Baby Milk Powder. The technological engineering and equipments supplies are from Vogel Busch Gmbh Company, Vienna which is one of the biggest famous company specialized in the supply, design, engineering and supervision for companies using high technological application and with the participation of the Egyptian engineering experience which has accomplished this great industrial firm. The plant is designed also to produce special baby food , supplements and food ingredients and is equipped with the most advanced Austrian & German technology in the field of Baby Food Production and food... More
Alexandria Agricultural Company, was established in 1985 to produce high-quality milk, to supply other companies with raw milk, until the year 2012, when Lamar started manufacturing its own branded Lamar's milk. Our main goal of manufacturing and packaging Lamar's milk and Lamar's juices, is to deliver excellent quality, and a product that classifies as an international product. The secret of Lamar's success is having a self sufficient and independent farm, where all the steps of manufacturing milk happen inside the farm. That's why our motto is "Straight from the farm to the pack".
Al Mansour fo Trade & Distribution " Seclam"

Al Mansour for Trade & Distribution "SECLAM" Seclam Factory Located on the outskirts of Alexandria and launched in 1946, SECLAM became the first dairy production factory in Egypt, producing pasteurized milk on a large scale. SECLAM products are currently sold across Egypt and in 30 other countries. They carry ISO 2005/2000, OHSAS 2007/18001, ISO 2004/14001, ISO 2008/9001, ISO 2005/17025, and BH OHSAS 18001:2207 certifications.  Additionally, they have quality marks from EOS in UHT Milk, Processed Cheese, and White Feta Cheese. Hayat Factory Located only 35 km away from the beautiful Siwa Oasis in Abou Shrouf, the Hayat factory utilizes the latest production-line technologies and is maintained and serviced by over 110 dedicated staff members. So far, Hayat has been awarded the ISO 9001, 22000, and 18001 certificates. In addition to applying the HACCP requirements, Hayat continues to strive for the best quality to guarantee its customers the purest water.   More
The First Coffee Company in Egypt and Middle East MisrCafe company is the first company in Egypt and Middle East specialized in the production of instant and roasted coffee from blend of Robusta and Arabica Coffee. MisrCafe is Private Share Holder Company, established in 1984. The head office is located in Cairo. MisrCafe factory is located in the tenth of Ramadan City of total capacity 10000 tons instant coffee in powder or agglomerated form and 3000 tons of roasted coffee. MisrCafe specialized in producing instant products such as: 100% Instant Coffee, Coffee Mix 2x1, Coffee Mix 3x1, Ginseng Coffee Mix 4x1, Ginger Coffee Latté 4x1, Café Latte Café, Mehawega, (New) Ice Coffee, Instant Cappuccino and with flavors, (new) Ice Cappuccino and we also produce Instant Coffee Substitute such as Barlico , Barlico 2x1 , Barlico 3x1 ,Choco Barlico, Barlico Cappuccino as well as instant natural drinks such as Instant Hibiscus , Cranberry , and Strawberry, we also added new products to our list Instant Karak... More
Mom’s Food is part of Update for Food processing company owns the Mom’s Food, Relax, & Blendy brands. Update for food processing has changed ownership in 2015 to be owned by Mr. Hanee Afia. The new management is committed to raising the performance of the company and meeting all the changing demands of the markets Our Roadmap is clear as we honor the value and taste of tradition coupled with innovation. In addition, we are always sensitive to issues concerning the environment and health where we ensure that we meet all health requirements. Thus, all our products are free of GMO, Artificial Colors, Artificial Flavors and Artificial Additives. More
A quarter of a century heritage of quality and Innovation. • Reaching a quarter of a century experience in Quality, Safety and Innovation of food market. • Family-owned company structure. • Own its Production Plant, Fleet, and Refrigerators. • DACO sister company provides most of the agricultural supply. • PILCO the sister company provides some of the packages done to MONTANA. • Maamoun Cold Stores the sister company provides the storing. • 100 % Natural Products. • No Additives – No Preservatives. • Freezing Method for preservation Shock Freezing. • Own laboratories. • Good availability. • Tailor-made package, blends upon request. • Full transparency and traceability. • Reliable and flexible partner. • Product development. • The company’s equipment and production lines are constantly being updated with "state of the art" technology. " Trends in food technology for producing, processing, and ensuring the safety of foods; Attention is given to methods for the prevention of food borne infections,... More
Our Goal "To be the world leader for exporting fruits and vegetables and be our customers' preferred partner for Fruits & Vegetables procurement in their different forms & sizes"
Oil Tec was founded in 1999. As a fully Egyptian owned enterprise, built on a heritage of experience in the oils and soap sectors since 1940. Facilities along forerunners decades of professional soap manufacturing and experience basis, then engaged in oils refinery, mixing, filling and then plastic bottles manufacturing to achieve a completed safe foodstuff oil production.
Paste and Juice company is one of the largest companies operating in the Egyptian food industry today. The company was established in 1995 and since then has developed a long and successful experience in manufacturing pulps, pastes and fruit juices for its own brands and also a variety of products tailored separately for private labeling. Headquartered in Sadat city, on the outskirts of Cairo, P&J is a pioneer company in Egypt in applying the traceability system in planting tomatoes, which are used in production. It is also an ISO 22000, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, HACCP, and KOSHER certificates holder, and works under Heinz International Regulations and Good Manufacturing Practices GMP). Thanks to our long expertise and corporate philosopy we are proud to be an approved tomato concentrate supplier of companies such as Heinz Egypt Co., Heinz Int., Metro Co, Carrefour Egypt, Spinney’s Egypt and Kraft Foods Int.
Profood one of the Egyptian lead companies in exporting agricultural products. Projuice has started up as a new brand, based on our experience for 40 years in water, juice, and soft drinks. Our products distinguished by natural juice, without adding preservative or artificial colors. Our aim is being different in the market by focusing on the best taste and premium quality with competing with the market prices. Our products: 1-Orange 2-Pomegranate 3-Mango 4-Guava 5-Grape 6-Apple 7-lemon mint
Quality Standard, a limited liability company, is a multi-project firm operating in the field of manufacturing and export of processed foods. Established since August 2003, Quality Standard sets-off with a production facility of 13,000m2 for the production of the finest quality of Olive Oil, Table Olives, Olive Spreads & Salads, Pickled & Preserved Vegetables, and Vegetable Spreads. This facility is furnished with the latest technology and is located in the industrial zone of the Sadat City, 90km from Cairo where the head office is located. Certifications from ISO-9001:2008, ISO-14001:2004, ISO-18001:2007 OHSAS, ISO-22000:2005, and Kosher are all in effect to ensure that the facility’s overall management efficiency and the products’ hygiene and quality are all on the highest level. The company is also registered with the U.S. FDA as a fully fledged Food Canning Establishment (FCE). Furthermore, BRC preparation and accreditation is currently underway. The human element is the core... More
Selecting and packing only the finest quality of fresh produce! Established in 2000, Queen Fresh Produce are one of Egypt's most experienced growers and exporters of fresh fruit and vegetables specializing in Spring Onions, Red Onions, Golden Onions and Sweet Potato.
Raya Foods is a subsidiary of Raya Holding that was established in the market since 1999. Raya Foods acquired The International Union for Integrated Food Industries’ factory that has been operating in the market since 2006, offering a wide variety of frozen vegetables and fruits in both the local and international markets. Raya Foods is manufacturing two brands “Lazah” and “Everest” covering the basic day to day product range as well as new innovative food solutions that are catered to consumers’ needs.
REMD was founded in 1888. The company factory is still proudly based in Sayeda Zeinab, holding the same value foundation of integrity, quality, innovation, and respect to one another and high commitment to community. REMD provides quality meal solutions to consumers in the Middle East and Africa through a rich portfolio to guarantee quality and excellence to our consumers. REMD’s diverse portfolio, which was built through product innovation and based on its clients’ needs assessment has been the driving force behind our consistent success. We believe in doing business the right way. Our value platform helps guide our everyday efforts and helps keep integrity at the core of our operations.
Resi Trade

ResiTrade is a division of ResieCom Egypt A significant effort invested to establish privileged business relationships with different Egyptian suppliers resulted in obtaining access to high-quality products under strong brands that are already present in Global markets. Resitrade acts as a Commercial Trading office to provide high quality & technical support with the best quality products to our clients globally. Business purpose:  ResiTrade Egypt is meant to be a Back office and a representative to a lot of producers who are in need of technical support in export procedures and to develop and serve international markets. Our aim also is to develop and explore more markets in promoting the best Made in Egypt Products for different categories providing the best quality and best service to our clients Categories:  Resi Trade and with the Cooperation of Buymassry portal are providing the following categories: Food & Beverages Fresh Fruits & Vegetables... More
Riyada was founded in 2005 as an Egyptian share holding company. Riyada’s core business principal is producing High Quality cheese to satisfy the customer needs in the Egyptian and Middle Eastern market. Riyada is the Arabic term for “excellence”. The name was chosen carefully to reflect the mission and vision of the company and its share holders . In Riyada, our main objective is to be the leader in the production and marketing of special types of cheese that provide excellent value for our chosen customers. The actual production started by the end of year 2005 with 20 tons of milk per day. To develop new products and to fulfill the demand, Riyada has increased the production capacity on a yearly basis. Today, Riyada is receiving 130 tons of milk per day. Riyada’s product mix includes: Natural cheese :“Edam, Gouda, and Gouda with flavors”, Processed Cheese: “Block and Cream cheese spread”, Oriental cheese: “Akawi and Magdoula”, White cheese “Feta and Low salt”, Mozzarella cheese “Block and Shredded”, as... More
Sakr Group Sakr Group is now a leading food and beverage supplier in the Middle East, with seven major factories and distribution partnerships that not only span the MENA region but the whole world. We have a vision to offer high quality competitively priced food to local and international consumers, through supplier partnerships with the best of the best suppliers to produce innovative products that challenge what is expected. We deliver to millions of consumers and retailers across the globe in 70 countries and 26 cities in Egypt. Our products are all sanitized by automatic clean-in-place (CIP) system; we managed to apply Codex Alimentarius to our entire range of products; which develops a universally accepted standard that protects the health of consumers and ensures fair practice in the food trade. Our factories are ISO-certified and FDA-approved as the only entity in Egypt that produces organic products that are closer to nature than all others. Sakr Group is composed of the 3 major companies:... More
Silva started by selecting a group of experienced workers to guarantee a permanent distinguished level of production along with the best international criteria. Moreover, the unique geographic location of the Egyptian fertile land along with the nicest weather throughout the year, ensure your satisfaction. Our unique choice of our manufacturer which is located in the middle of infinite square-meter farms, in addition to its location on 4000 ton E.A refrigerated warehouses where we prevent any lack of time for storing products. And Today with ISO 22000 2005 and OHASA 18001 2007 certificates we are considered one of the best global refrigerated warehouse companies specialized in IQF (Instant Quick Frozen) fruits and vegetables. We aim at ensuring the full- satisfaction of our customers through : • maintaining the highest possible standard with truly competitive prices.
The group of companies, "Sima Group" has an international supplier of sweets for more than 50 countries. The company has developed since 1961 to reach a global position through 3 factories that produce more than 20,000 tons of high quality products of desserts, toffee, chocolates, gum, wafer and lollipop. Our Vision We will build on our heritage and long history of the development of manufacturing and distribution of products of high value Sweets to win the hearts and minds of the consumer in the Middle East and selected international markets. Will strive to achieve this by working hard to accommodate the needs of the consumer and building strong brand names and business relationships based on win-win partnership with our suppliers and rely on a team of qualified professionals whom we consider their development and reward of our highest priority. We are dealing with people fairly and with dignity and respect. Our Mission To win the hearts of our customers, deliver quality products, be a good member of... More
With our fast-paced lifestyle, eating healthy is not always easy. That’s why our goal is to make eating fresh and healthy food as simple as can be. Our mission is to provide fruits and vegetables as nature intended, all year round. Since With our fast-paced lifestyle, eating healthy is not always easy. That’s why our goal is to make eating fresh and healthy food as simple as can be. Our mission is to provide fruits and vegetables as nature intended, all year round. Since day one, we have devoted our energy to bringing you tasty, sun-kissed frozen fruits and vegetables, with no additives or preservatives.
Established in 1996 Mass Food was the first company to produce extruded Breakfast Cereals in Egypt. Through flexibility and continuous development, the company has reached exports to over 45 countries spreading the Temmy's brand name as well as various private labels throughout the world. This success of 25% - 30% annual growth was only achieved by our careful selection of ingredients which assures the finest quality of our products as well as the constant product development and flexibility to satisfy the various tastes and habits of the world. To capitalize on our world presence and leading position in the local market, we have introduced international cross-company structures to promote promising products and concepts in new geographical areas. We believe that the success of a corporation is a reflection of the professionalism and responsible attitude of the management and all employees. MASS FOOD INTERNATIONAL In 2006 a sister company was established as a part of the expansion plan. With... More
Since 2004, The Chef Pet Food has provided reliable and honest pet care and pet sitting services for busy residents from around heliopolis. As pet owners, we understand how pets change our lives and are a part of the home. That is why we provide such loving care - we know your pets mean the world.
The idea of establishing a plant grown in 1995 through the success of our company in place since 1990 in the export of fresh and frozen vegetables to the European market and with our success in invading the European market and the quality of our products to the needs of our consumer Union increased export orders for our products exported and there is need for the actual production of this particular crop we have all the ingredients of success. Crops secured and with high nutritional value and the existence of a group of specialities in the field of screening and mobilize of frozen vegetables and fruit with the experience to invade global markets and competition our products distinctive.
Tiba Food Company For food industries was established in 2000 in accordance with Egypt’s Investment and free zone system, Being located in the government of Beni-Sueif an industrial city about 120 km south of Cairo . – The company owns a storage refrigerator at – 18 ° degrees centigrade with a storage capacity of about 1000 tons the company also has an IQF ( Flow Freezer ) Frozen vegetables production line for small grains , such as (Okra peas, Green Beans, Strawberry, Artichoke etc, ) as well as a Blast Freezer production line to freeze leafy vegetables , such as ( Molokhiya , spinach , Grape leaves , etc ) The Mission 1. Raise the productive effciency by increasing the production lines and raising its rates. 2. Human development through increasing the effciency of labor and training of staff to reach their highest level of professional. as well as the selection of the best elements of the administrative management of the productive process 3. Care in the selection of the highest quality of agricultural... More

Upper Egypt For Concentrates Upper Egypt for Concentrates & Juices “UEFCON” is a leading Egyptian FMCG Company with a wide range of products. UEFCON is providing consumer, manufacturers, and food service customers with high-quality tomato concentrate, condiments, sauces and juices range. UEFCON was established in 2013 in Al Minya governorate with a state-of-art manufacturing platform occupying a space of 20,000 SQ meters.  The plant is a fully automated production facility, producing more than a 1000 ton/day. UEFCON was awarded the ISO 22000 Certification to ensure the delivery of optimum safety and quality to our customers. UEFCON is using the latest technological methods and attractive pack designs that carry names of its flagship brands: Giardino & Nardino     More
Vegi Farm was founded by Mr. Gamal El Khayat after 25 years experience gained from building and founding vegetables processing factories all over Egypt then he decided to dedicate all his experience and effort to make a new factory to meet the best quality standards.
Verde is a leading Export company in Egypt established in 2015 in cooperation with "Ismailia Frozen Foods" who are specialized in the freezing, processing and packing of frozen fruits and vegetables. Our products have been exported throughout the Middle East and many European countries including Germany, Portugal, Croatia, Bulgaria and UK in addition to the Gulf Area and Far East and many more. Today, Verde specializes in processing, freezing, packing and exporting a wide range of freshly harvested fruits and vegetables while preserving and enhancing their original quality. We guarantee the quality of each and every product we offer. Throughout the years we have established a formidable reputation that is reflective of our quality and hard work. Our unrivalled passion for quality and customer satisfaction is the reason why we are and where we are today. Verde was founded as a customer-driven enterprise, and so it remains. The company was built on simple values including hard work, dedication and... More
Our Vision To be the favored Provider of Quality packaged food in Egypt & International Markets with a commitment to Excellence & Uniqueness & a drive to lead. Our Mission To develop new opportunities and grow our core businesses to the full potential in food processing, leveraging our expertise and resources with uncompromising dedication to efficiency, innovation, quality and service. Vision & Mission Our History Wadi food was founded in 1989 & located in Egypt’s pristine desert. It is a leading Egyptian brand of harvested foods, serving local and global consumers with a commitment to innovation and quality. Wadi food owns and manages all its farms, ensuring all produce is watered from pure underground aquifers and aims to deliver the best quality to guarantee a unique customer experience. The high quality of the products is achieved from the early stages of planting until the time of harvest, where Wadi Food’s superior olives are handpicked to make sure that the fruit has... More
YARNEST is an Egypt based business launched in December 2014. We're specialized in handmade garments, add-ons & accessories made from the highest quality material available in the market and handmade by a group of expert ladies. The idea was to transform the stereotypical vision on handwoven apparel by offering trendy and outstanding unique designs that match several tastes and discriminate them from the standardized products available in many brands.
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