The first B2B Marketplace Virtual Tour

Welcome to the first Marketplace's Virtual showroom

Buymassry Marketplace is thrilled to demonstrate for the first time in the Middle East and Africa a Virtual showroom. We strive to offer our esteemed visitors a new and unique online experience for navigating across our main categories and guiding you to discover our top products.

To get the full experience, the Virtual Visit is recommended only using a Desktop computer or a Laptop and thru a Wifi Network.

How to navigate in the Virtual Marketplace:

  1. Start the visit by clicking on the below link, and please wait a few seconds for loading.

  2. Once the showroom is fully loaded, move across using the keyboard's arrows (Right, Left, Top, Down)

  3. To know more about a category or a product, move near a virtual booth, stop by, and follow the prompted instructions associated with the visited booth.

  4. At any time, you can as well click on the virtual booth and follow the prompted instructions associated with the selected booth.