Frequently Asked Questions

What is

Buymassry is a Business-to-Business (abbreviated B2B) virtual Marketplace, in other words, a Multi-Vendors eCommerce platform. It is exclusively dedicated to digitally promote Made in Egypt products for Wholesale and export purposes.

I am an Egyptian Manufacturer, how Buymassry can support my Business?

Buymassry allows you as an Egyptian Manufacturer to join with a great ease an online marketplace to promote on the Internet your products on all the International markets. It will connect you to wholesalers, large retailers, and import traders across the globe by listing your products on the virtual marketplace and generate for you sales opportunities with new customers and often in new export markets.

What are the conditions to join Buymassry?

  1. The marketplace is open to Egyptian Manufacturers and producers only
  2. Share valid company CR, Tax certificate, and Export license
  3. The listed products must be Made in Egypt

How Buymassry works?

Egyptian manufacturers and producers can list and sell to the entire world their products through Buymassry going thru the following steps:

  • We list and promote products of validated manufacturers and producers
  • Customers request thru the Marketplace the Best Price for any selected product
  • Customers receive Quotes for the requested products based on the vendor's final prices
  • For a successful bid, a proforma invoice is established
  • Direct payments to the vendors are executed based on Sellers/Buyers payments terms 
  • Shipments are arranged by the vendors based on Sellers/Buyers agreements

Are there any limitations for the type of industry or Geography under Buymassry?

There are no limitations on the type of industry in Buymassry. All Egyptian Manufacturers or producers from all activities are welcome to join, subject that their products are authorized for export. Besides, we address all the markets across the globe. Currently, we registered access to Buymassry from more than 150+ countries from all the continents.     

What are the key features available on Buymassry?

Buymassry is an extremely user-friendly marketplace with several features to help its visitors identifying the desired products with a lot of ease.  Vendors and products are listed with comprehensive descriptions drafted with rich text, High Definition photos, YouTube videos, and an Instagram feed. Besides English and Arabic, the content is available in 10 widely used languages. An automated and simplified form Is used to quickly collect the buyers’ requirements.

A frequently reviewed and updated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that allows Buymassry to be visible and accessed from more than 150 countries.

A feed with the latest Business News related to exports and Finance and a Knowledge base enriched frequently contains general information such as International Trade treaties or specific articles related to products.

How to join Buymassry?

  1. Submit application with necessary pre-requisite
  2. Select the suitable vendor plan
  3. Share information about company and products along with quality pictures

How much does it cost?

Vendors can join the marketplace can opt-in for the Starter plan for free and enjoy at no cost all the key services. Based on the business needs and size, advanced services to manage a much larger number of listed products, a higher priority on the leads, and further added value services are proposed against a fee within the Gold and Premium plans.  

I am an International wholesaler, how Buymassry can support my Business?

For the Wholesalers from all around the globe who are looking for quality products Made in Egypt, we will ensure you a positive online experience and we provide you with on-demand free multi-vendors quotes. Our dedicated team of export specialists deals with each lead with the utmost professionalism and highest confidentiality. Our commitment is to support you as a buyer during all the steps of the Order-to-Delivery Process (ODP). We will work on reducing the lead time thanks to our proximity to the local manufacturers and producers. This is translated into very regular exchanges and follow-ups with both sellers and buyers until the goods delivery.

Who operates

Buymassry is operated by a team of executives and experts who are combining, on the one hand, strong knowledge in the Egyptian products and the International markets, and on the other hand, proven experience in Digital Transformation acquired thru a long career within several large international companies in the IT domain.