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Royal Chocolate Company was founded in the year 1919 in Ismailia, Egypt, Royal Chocolate (Corona) was established with Commercial Register No. 537 Alexandria. Later the factory moved to Alexandria , Boualino Street in Moharram Bey area.
The owner at that time , Tommy Christo (son of Evangelist Christo (Greek business man who used to live in Alexandria) ,was born in Alexandria year 1891. He treated the employees and workers of Corona with great generosity in terms of salaries, bonuses in order to motivate & encourage his workers.
As an example , he used to offer, cinema tickets to employees, workers and their families, and he also distributed large cartons, containing all corona products for each worker at the beginning of every year.

After that, in the thirties of the last century Corona moved to its current headquarter on the canal Mahmudiyah . It started with a small land and then expanded by buying the land of Magarwa in the 1940s.
The nationalization of Corona Company took place in 1963 by Presidential Decree No. 72 of President Abdel Nasser and the appointment of Engineer Mohamed Rashad Zaki Chairman of the Board.
With the nationalization decision, Nadler Confectionery Company was merged with Corona and Al Hawamdiya Factory under the name of Alexandria Chocolate and Confectionery Co.(Corona).
In the context of economic reform and privatization, the Corona Company was sold to Sami Saad Group year 2000.


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