Mandarin by EVAGRO

Fresh Mandarins

Particularly sweet Mandarin can be identified by their medium to large size.

The naturally grown mandarin are easy peelers and offer a juicy introduction to flavor of the richest variety.

They are packaged according to client request.

Fairmont , Murcott , Ortanique , Clementine

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10 kg
Packaging :
Carton Box
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Dr Mounir Armanious is the heart and soul behind EVAGRO. He launched it in 1996 with only 160 acres basing it on a mission to reclaim the earth by turning desert land into productive farmland. Dr Mounir had one goal; to improve the wellbeing of the society and be a source of positive impact in every possible way. He gave back to his...


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Dr Mounir Armanious is the heart and soul behind EVAGRO. He launche...
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BrandEVAGRO SKUs10 kg PackagingCarton Box
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