Al Tag Flour by El Khatab

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Brand: El Khatab, Origin of Product: Egypt
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Al Tag Flour by El Khatab
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Al Tag Flour

Al Tag Flour is Part of The Luxury Baked Category.

Our company is one of the first companies classified in Egypt in the production of this category of flour, which is used in the production of fine baked goods of high-quality Fino bread and Afranjie (Croissant - Pate - Pizza) This category is characterized by the production of good baked goods in terms of shape and distinctive golden color and sponge and foam and also the length of validity, and this category is very suitable to withstand the conditions of hard bread in the summer of high temperatures and the possibility of baking in ovens rotor (Italian).



El Khatab
Origin of Product:

About the Vendor

El-Khatab Company for Mills was founded in 1987 to produce the finest types of flour in the Arab Republic of Egypt. The company has three giant mills with a production capacity of 2,750 tons per day, Middle and West Delta Flour Mills Agents Our production capacity has increased to meet the increasing demand for our products to reach 3,100 tons per day. This is the largest production capacity in the Arab Republic of Egypt.






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