Fresh Bell Peppers by Farmex For Export

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Brand: Farmex, SKUs: 5 kg, Origin of Product: Egypt
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Fresh Bell Peppers

Capsicum ” Peppers” are brightly coloured and sweet flavoured, (also known as bell peppers) are a versatile vegetable that is eaten both raw and cooked and are used in many different cuisines including Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Spanish, Italian and French. A choice of different colours are available all peppers are originally green, and as they ripen and sweeten they turn red, orange or yellow. Peppers are sometimes skinned before using this can help to enhance their sweet flavour. When buying look for firm-textured, bright and shiny peppers, and bear in mind that orange, red and yellow varieties have a sweeter flavour than green peppers. 

Size: 70 - 100 MM.

Packing: 4.5 - 5 kg.



5 kg
Origin of Product:

About the Vendor

FARMEX COMPANY is working in the agricultural business, growing, processing, and exporting fresh, frozen fruits and vegetables. Since 2008 Farmex Company quickly established as one of the leading producers and exporters of premium quality fresh & frozen fruits and vegetables in Egypt.