Fresh Leek / Green Onion by Egypt Garden

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Brand: Egypt Garden, SKUs: 4 Kg, Packaging: Carton / Plastic Carton, Origin of Product: Egypt
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Fresh Leek / Green Onion

Product Types: Seed – Onion

Packaging: 4 Kg Carton – Plastic Carton

Shipping: Air-Sea

Egypt Garden’ leek boasts a crisp texture and an excellent, clean-cut flavor. The naturally grown, they spring into long succulent stems. The onion substitute is perfect for a variety of dishes.

They are packaged according to the client's requests.



Egypt Garden
4 Kg
Carton / Plastic Carton
Origin of Product:

About the Vendor

Egypt Garden for import and export specializes in exporting fresh agricultural products of prime quality.
A diverse selection of high-quality produce is available to pick from, guaranteed to satisfy. Our star product line is the citrus line. Our production also includes grapes, strawberries, pomegranates, nectarines, peaches, mangoes, lettuce, red and white cabbage, broccoli, capsicum, gold and red onion, green and white beans, watermelon, carrots, garlic, melons, hot chilies, artichoke, and many other fruits and vegetables of the finest quality.


We are keen on providing our customers with superior purchasing, usage, and consumption experience. For that reason, we offer very competitive prices for the best quality possible to customers all over the world. Egypt Garden aims to proudly spread its produces beyond its existing partnerships with European, Russian, Far Eastern, African, and Gulf markets.

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