Mangetout by EVAGRO

On backorder
Brand: EVAGRO, Packaging: Carton
On backorder
Brand: EVAGRO, Packaging: Carton
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Their pods are pale green and contain petite flattened peas. The pods are wide and flat and are edible.

The pea and pod have a sweet pea flavour and tender yet crisp texture.

The peas grow from flowers which can be white or purple.




About the Vendor

Dr Mounir Armanious is the heart and soul behind EVAGRO. He launched it in 1996 with only 160 acres basing it on a mission to reclaim the earth by turning desert land into productive farmland.
Dr Mounir had one goal; to improve the wellbeing of the society and be a source of positive impact in every possible way. He gave back to his community with generosity, high quality products and initiatives that directly lead to significant improvements in quality of life.