Fresh Onions by Farmex For Export

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Brand: Farmex, SKUs: 25 kg, Origin of Product: Egypt
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Fresh Onions

Red Onion is a sweet and juicy, moderate to the strongly flavored onion with a dark red-purple flesh, which is dotted with white lines. the skin of the red onion has also been used as a dye.

They are used raw and can be added to salads for color and taste, grilled, salsas, and as a topping on burgers and sandwiches or cooked with other foods because of how mild they are.

Red onion starts from: May to October.

Golden onion starts from: April to August.

Color: Golden, Dark red onion

Size: 40 to 60 mm, 60 to 80 mm, 80 to 100 mm.

Packing: in nets 10 or 25 kg net weight & 1200 kg. Jumbo Bag

Condition: Clean and free from any visible foreign matter, free from damages caused by sun or humidity, withstand transport and handling, arriving in satisfactory condition .



25 kg
Origin of Product:

About the Vendor

FARMEX COMPANY is working in the agricultural business, growing, processing, and exporting fresh, frozen fruits and vegetables. Since 2008 Farmex Company quickly established as one of the leading producers and exporters of premium quality fresh & frozen fruits and vegetables in Egypt.