Fresh Garlic by Farmex For Export

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Brand: Farmex, SKUs: 5 kg / 10 kg, Packaging: Carton, Origin of Product: Egypt
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Fresh Garlic

Egyptian Fresh Garlic is smaller in size than common white garlic and has a globular, tear-drop bulb that connects into a stem, also known as a neck, that may appear green when fresh and brown when dried. The outside of the bulb is covered in thin, white papery coatings that are flaky, dry, and brittle. When peeled away, there is another layer known as the clove skin that ranges in color from white to tan and is tightly adhered to the clove. Egyptian garlic contains many cloves and can develop up to twenty-five cloves in one bulb. The cloves are clustered together, forming multiple layers of slender and slightly flattened shapes, and the outer cloves are typically larger in size than the inner cloves. When raw, Egyptian garlic has a crisp texture with a sharp, pungent, and spicy flavor, and if crushed, it will emit a strong aroma. This flavor and aroma will lessen with cooking and will develop a mild, savory flavor.

Egyptian Fresh Garlic is an excellent source of vitamins C and B6, selenium, and manganese, and also contains some fiber, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron, and copper.

Fresh Season start from: February to May.

Variety: Egyptian white or purple.

Size: From 50 to 70 mm.

Cut: From 8 to 12 cm.

Packing: carton, basket and net.

Weight: 5kg or 10kg.

Condition: Fresh white color or purple, free from pests and damages, well-formed bulb, complete cloves, bright clean and free from of any visible foreign matters, firm, withstand transport and handling.

Cooling: Pre cooled and transported at 0 degree Celsius. Arrive in satisfactory condition at the place of destination.



5 kg / 10 kg
Origin of Product:


  • February
  • March
  • April
  • May

About the Vendor

FARMEX COMPANY is working in the agricultural business, growing, processing, and exporting fresh, frozen fruits and vegetables. Since 2008 Farmex Company quickly established as one of the leading producers and exporters of premium quality fresh & frozen fruits and vegetables in Egypt.